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Seventeen years ago our family began the wonderful journey of pygora goats!  Looking for a medium sized, family-friendly goat, we stumbled upon them when we attended a small Northwest goat show.  Originally a cross between Angora and Pygmy breeds resulted in the pygora: a delightful goat that is smaller sized; has a soft, curly coat; and friendly personality. Bred specifically for their fine fiber that can be used for spinning and knitting.  The result, however, is much more than that as they are generally easy keepers–healthy and easily handled by adults and kids alike. They make perfect 4-H project goats and their fleece provides a quality product for a variety of fiber projects.

After a decade of carefully selecting breeding stock with excellent lineage and genetics, we are extremely proud of the pygoras that make up our herd and carry the Rancho Amara name. We raise PBA and PCA registered goats and are always working to improve the breed.  Our foundation herd offers fantastic fiber, excellent confirmations and gentle, friendly personalities. Our goats live within feet of our house, receiving daily attention & affection.


Rancho Amara is a small farm located in the Pacific Northwest, about 25 miles north of Seattle.  We are always attentive to our herd management practices, offering the highest quality feed, clean water, a cozy barn, and play spaces to provide daily entertainment! Woolite, our 17 year old guard llama,takes her job seriously, herding the goats into the barn on cold, rainy nights and always attentive to any invaders.  We have never lost a goat yet to disease, illness or predators.  

At Rancho Amara we have a wide variety of fiber types and colors to offer the pygora customer.  Raw and processed fiber is occasionally available for sale.   

We love to talk about our fun-loving goats and their fantastic fiber!  Please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail.

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